Monday, January 17, 2011

and just for fun...

I don't know if i have mentioned much about the amazing cars we have seen on this trip, so let me just go ahead and take a moment to do so now...

The citizens of Dubai are extremely wealthy and buy tons of cars, nice ones. For example, here is one guy's house.
Out front are 3 Mercedes, a Cadillac Escalade, a Bentley, and a Lexus SUV (not pictured). I didn't even bother taking pictures of Mercedes, Lexus, Porche, or BMWs. They were the average car. The really nice cars that we saw around are as follows:

These were pretty standard. All over the place.

There were a lot of these, but i only got a picture of one.

MaseratisThese were less common, but the coolest car we saw was a Maserati. It was parked outside of a hotel down on JBR.

I really didn't get that many good pictures of cars, but we saw them all over the place. A few honorable mentions that i didn't get pictures of but saw are below.

Astin Martin

Rolls Royce

And last but not least, this is what Sheik Mohammad drives

His license plate number is 1.